Friday, October 22, 2010

we miss our daddy

so tonight I did a little recording so that he can hopefully see this while he is down in Costa Rica.
For those of you who don't know Joe is visiting a mission down there that our friend Paul has become very involved in lately. They are doing some "scoping out" for future mission trips and what we can help out with as well as some "fun" along the way.
Please keep his safe travel in your prayers, along with our sanity...thank the LORD he comes home on Sunday!
(Jake posed for the camera, Brock would not, so he doesn't have a sweet pic here like his bro)

Hi daddy! from Kelly Hornberger on Vimeo.

Running around like little crazy men! from Kelly Hornberger on Vimeo.

Tuesday, October 19, 2010

our little, big man

Since I did a blog about Brock, I thought I would do one on the Jakester too. Plus I had some fun pics of him that I wanted to post as well.
Let's the world of Jake we are 90% potty-trained. The only time we do not wear a diaper now is bed-time. We have had our minor and MAJOR accidents, but over all he is doing so awesome, and has done it all by himself...we have not had to prompt him at all. It has been incredible.
He is also upgrading to a bed without rails. We are going to be putting his "top bunk" into Brock's new room and then Jake will have the "bottom bunk" (of Joe's old beds) which is a totally big boy bed. The other night we decided to take them off for the night, and it turns out Jake is a champ...but Brock, not so much...a loud THUD was heard above our kitchen to which Joe ran upstairs and Brock was at the foot of the bed scared to death from falling out. opps. Didn't think about that one :-)
He is so cute with MDO out now. He has friends that he totally remembers and talks about missing. They both LOVE picking eachother up from the other's classroom. They are so delirious they run circles around the columns chasing eachother while we sign them out.
He repeats everything, and really does not hold back from trying any words. Quite the chatty Kathy!
He loves to watch movies now and loves getting under the covers with mommy while we do that.
He also has what I like to call "bi-polar-ness" these days. He seems to be expressing his independance and always has to do the opposite of what I ask...then I turn it around on him and get him to say what he really wants. I have to is incredibly frustrating, and I am praying for the terrible almost threes to be gone!
But, over all it has been so fun to watch him grow. I cannot wait to see what the next stage has in store for him.

Yes, that is Star Wars he is watching with Daddy. He loves it. Joe is so excited!

Monday, October 18, 2010

our little, little man

Soon to be our little, middle man. This guy is growing like a weed. I seriously have to stop and really think about the fact that he has turned himself into such a little more baby, AT ALL. Just this week he started talking a is so cute to hear his little voice. This is our current vocabulary:
"football" - Joe is so proud
"juice" - we have said for a while
"bro" - I think is means Jake

He also understands almost anything we say to him. He gets into bed when we ask him to. He "helps" out with getting things when we ask him to. It is so fun. The only thing we are constantly working on is "brock, come here" and he literally runs the other way...the game of chase is way too fun in his mind, and spankings after he is caught does not seem to do anything...oh joy!
He is such a super sweet little brother. He is sharing about 90% of the time...the other 10% we hear LOTS of screams. I am so thankful for how they treat eachother so far...praying that is continues!
He is a total ham-bone. He LOVES to dance. He loves to "entertain". He turns EVERY toy into a gun. He loves to pull all of the pillows off the couch and play in them. This means lay on them, play hide 'n seek in them or just throw them around. He cracks his brother up all the time. He will just start silly laughing at the dinner table or in the car and then he and Jake will just start cracking up at eachother. It is hilarious.

case in point...the boy makes a hat out of mommy's cosmetic bag...we are so easily entertained around here, it's awesome!!

Wednesday, October 6, 2010

an update

it's been a little while since I just posted an update on what is happening with all of here we go:
We are on day 3 now of Jake wearing his big boy underwear during nap time and no sign of an accident yet! We are still diapering at night, but I think the day of no more diapers for Jake is VERY soon!
Jake also has been to his first movie in the movie theater, Toy Story III, and has been to his first football game that he actually sat through with Daddy. He is getting to be at such a grown up stage that allows us little date nights here and there where we can actually do something without corralling him the whole time. The glimpse of what's in store there sure is nice!
He also turns three in just a couple of months...SO CRAZY! We are doing a painting party late October, so that we do not conflict with anything else and he is more into it this year than ever before!

Brock FINALLY has more teeth coming in. He has the bottom one that he has been missing for about a year that just broke through as well as some molars that are working their way out.
He is "talking" up a storm...every once in a while we actually think he is saying something we is so cute. He is quite the chatty-kathy when his brother is not is so funny!
We are near completion of him getting his own room. Joe has moved his office from the middle room upstairs to a small corner of our bedroom and we are making the entire upstairs now the boys domain. Each of them will have their own room...which will allow them to play and sleep together, but also have their own space if they want it. I am hoping to get the painting done and get him all moved in within a week or pics of the boys rooms will come soon!

And the little man growing inside my belly is coming along as well. We are down to dr.s appts. every two weeks, which means we are within a couple of months of meeting our little man. Everything is going great. I have been back to the specialist twice now and it looks like we are totally in the clear with any possible scares that we might have had before with the placenta. The only concern we face since the last dr.s visit (this week) is that he is breach...however the dr. says she is not worried about it yet and that he just might not have turned himself. Prayers sure would be great there...I sure am hoping to not have to have a c-section with this guy!

Other than that...Joe and I are chugging along as well. FCA is rocking! Joe is getting so many goals accomplished that he has dreamt up for that, including an alumni retreat that has never been done before happening early next year in New Braunfels. He is also been the most tremendous help for the boys with me being pregnant. I do not know how I would be surviving this season in our lives without him.
I am trying not to realize that I am tired all the time and still getting my work done. We have three more wedding this fall before the baby comes, one being this weekend and the other two in Nov. Should be interesting...I am taking the entire month of Dec. off and really looking forward to it! But hey, who can complain in this economy to have so many blessings of work coming our way.
God has been so good to us!

Hope you all are getting the incredible weather that we are here...fall is good to us this year!