Friday, July 23, 2010

big boys

Brock is now officially onto "big boy" things!
He is in a big boy toddler bed (pics to come soon)
He has been on a sippy cup for quite a while now
He sits at the table with his big brother in a booster seat
He points and pulls us to what he wants.
He says "dirk" and "rook" (kind of)
He runs, literally, runs from and after his brother, depending on if he wants to be chased or Jake does.
We are just in shock of how fast this little man is growing up!

Wednesday, July 21, 2010

poor-man's pool

Who says that it is too hot outside? Not our boys...that's for sure!

Wednesday, July 14, 2010

baby boy I am sure you all know by now...we are going to have lots of blue around here. Joe and I decided we wanted to find out the sex this time around and so we now know that we are expecting us another baby boy. How fun! 3 boys so close in age...we are pumped. I can say that going into the ultrasound I was so torn as to which way I was hoping more for. I didn't think I would but I was actually wanting a girl this time around and had asked God for a little girl to get to raise when we first got pregnant...but, as we now know God has other plans for us. I will always be able to tell this little boy that from the beginning I was actually praying for his future wife...I mean seriously...I know this guy is going to be as amazing as Jake and Brock, and what more could I ask for than something as awesome as that?
I cannot wait to raise little men with a man who I have so much respect for. I cannot wait for these little boys to realize how amazing of a dad they have.
If you all could just lift up our little boy and ask for a safe pregnancy and delivery. We actually had a little scare on the ultrasound because it looks like I have an enlarged bloodvessel in the placenta. The dr has me going to a specialist in a couple of weeks to get a professional opinion, but in the meantime she is not too concerned and said that this can happen without any complications. So, we'll keep you all posted...but other that that he is growing strong and healthy.
Thank you all for your incredibly sweet messages. We are so lucky to have such amazing friends and family!

Saturday, July 10, 2010

this sums me up right now

With every pregnancy I have taken it upon myself to not really buy anything for myself, but one splurge and that is a cute diaper bag. No need to try on clothes or anything else, it is just flat out depressing, but give the girl a cute bag and I am a happy camper.
This time and last time around we have found great bags at the outlet mall and I just had to show off a purchase that a special someone made just recently, because I am in looove.

Now I do not show this off to brag...I am showing this off to merely make a point. The other week I had a "pathetic moment".

Jake and I were talking and he was trying to carry around my other diaper bag. He is quite a good little helper.
Well after a little while I wanted him to put the bag away so I told him:
"boys don't need purses...purses are for girls"
Jake then asked me, as he is always asking these days:
"purses for girls??"
Me: " Yes Jake...that's mommy's purse, mommy is a girl"
To which Jake so easily replied:
"Mommy is a girl??"

I cannot tell you the amount of question behind that one in his voice. Maybe it was just me, but it sure seemed as though he questioned that one more than any other questions so far in his life.

This is the point that I knew...I need some girly-ness in my yesterday...I got to go to the hair salon and get my hair "did" is a very small step...but sure does make me feel a little bit girly-ier!
Maybe one of these days I will take the time to get my nails done or have a girls night...sounds like I need to start carving out some girl time for me, especially if we have another boy roaming around...these boys need to know that mommy really is a girl...I promise :-)

Friday, July 9, 2010


good gravy, it's been a while. Lots happening and finally slowing down around here. We just got back from all of our FCA summer camps and had a BLAST! Both boys went this year and it was very tiring, but very cool for them to hang out with awesome Christian college athletes...I cannot wait for them to start really looking up to them...what a good feeling that will be!

I had to just write out some highlights from the trips, so that we can always remember.

One funny Brock-ism happened when we were at the aTm camp we stayed in some apartments right by the railroad tracks. Turns out there are like 10 trains a day...the boys were in heaven! One time we had gotten back from running some errands in our car and Brock was OUT...completly asleep...Joe picked him up and he was a sack of potatoes on his shoulder...until he heard the train toot...I have never seen a kid awake and point and get so excited so fast in my life. It was like he was NEVER asleep...Joe and I were cracking up...

Another one was when we were out on the soccer fields with all the kids and Jake and Brock were playing chase off the field with eachother. It was awesome...Jake would have daddy's hat on pull it over his eyes and chase Brock "blind"...until he got to where Brock was standing and he was no longer there, so Jake would lift up the hat and look for his brother, pull the hat back down and run after him again. They were laughing so hard...what a little cheater...

Also on the same trip we got to hang out with some great family friends, the Theibauds who have two girls, a 4.5 year old and a 3 year old. One night at dinner Blaire (the younger) and Jake went off from the table to check something else they walked off Jake grabed Blaire's hand and walked with eachother...hmmm...
Then the next night we went and hung out with some other family friends that live in College Station, the Walls and the Buckner's and Jake walked up to Addison Wall and kissed her on the lips as soon as he saw her. He is such a sweetheart...little Casanova...but something we might need to work on?!?

In Abilene Jake and Brock were both obsessed with the golf cart we got to drive around, Jake would take the steering wheel and drive us in circles...again, he had Joe and I rolling in laughter...

Both camps were so amazing for our family and we are so blessed by FCA. We cannot wait to have the opportunity to raise our boys with these camps in their lives. Jake loves to "sing songs" and say his prayers, and Brock LOVES to dance to the music, which brings a huge smile to my heart!

I am sure so much more than that happened, but my brain is until later...