Saturday, January 23, 2010

he's growing up so fast

So, I write this tonight because I just put our little big boy down for the night without his night-time bottle for the first time ever. It is a little bitter-sweet. Awesome because this might allow us to read story time to both the boys together in the same room soon, but sad because this means Brock is growing up so fast. We are almost 90% off the bottle...the man has totally taken to his sippy cups like a pro. (sure is helpful watching a big bro do it all the time).
But, I just wanted to document the occasion and let Brock know, if he ever reads this someday, that I am already so proud of the strong big boy he is becoming.
My favorite little boy in the whole wide world!

Wednesday, January 20, 2010

clapping is what we do best

Brock LOVES to raise his hands and then clap with a big 'ole smile on his face whenever he gets is a video of the cutie....excuse the horrible "mom" voice in the background:

Monday, January 18, 2010

update 'round here

It's been a little while since I did a progress report on the munchkins and this blog will be a quick update.
Brock is 100% crawling everywhere. He has now become the harder of the two to take care of. I finally get Jake to MDO on Tues/Thurs and then I still have the Brockster to tend to...which is NO EASY task anymore. I have officially decided to heck with getting anything productive for myself done during the day. Brock and I usually head to the gym and run any errands before picking big bro back up.
Brock is also pulling up and cruising around furniture. It is amazing to me how much he has progressed in the past month of so. He now gets around so well.
He still only has two bottom teeth, but I see the two top ones about to break through...sure wish they would hurry up! I feel so bad for kids and day maybe I will want to ask God about that one.
I have begun the process of getting off the bottle. He likes the sippy cups with straws already (probably because he see his brother doing it) so I put his formula in there for starters and finish what is left with the bottle. He is also now getting some water and a TINY bit of juice in the sippy cup to delay eating dinner officially with Jake now. I cannot believe how big of a boy he is.
He is a MAJOR squirmer. SOOOOOO much more than Jake was. He will not hold still while changing and dressing...I remember when friend's kiddos (Jake's age) would squirm like crazy, and I felt so lucky that I didn't have that problem with Jake...well, Brock is my "turn" if you will.
He is still INCREDIBLY happy, and love showing off his big old cheeky smile.
I tell my friends and family...he sure is lucky he is cute somedays when I want to ring his neck. I really do think that is why God made babies so cute :-)

Now Jake...he is turning GRADUALLY into a talking maniac. He is still not really good at it, but LOVES to repeat words and have a "conversation" with you. He is getting so much better at letting us know what he wants.
He is SUCH an amazing big brother. These boys are so blessed to get to have eachother. I am so thankful that he is so sweet with Brock (90% of the time) and does such a great job sharing. He also loves to (when he is being fishy) annoy his brother and then pat him to make him stop crying.
I can see it now:
"Brock stop crying, mom is coming"
It has been neat to see how much he LOVES school and all his friends. It also turns out that the little man has a sweetheart. I think it is just a good friend who happens to be a girl, but they hold hands on buggy rides and during nap time...ahhhhhh....
Jake is also the little terror that NEVER naps. He has to be put into one of the cage like cribs at MDO or else he keeps all the other kids awake. He still does not ever fall asleep in the car. It cracks us up.

And Joe...not sure if you all know, but he is officially 100% down at Rice FCA full time! WHAT A BLESSING! It has been so cool to watch him be able to really focus and enjoy those kids and coaches. Camp season is about to creep up on us, and we are so excited to be able to venture to those as a family. Brock will be walking and Jake will be running around with all the kiddos! It is going to be awesome.
He still absolutely loves his job and we LOVE being able to have him around as much as he is able to be around!!

Finally is incredible. I have no idea, yet again, why I would be so blessed, but I am so thankful for it. I am trying my best to keep it all in perspective and really make sure that if it ever turns into "work" I will stop. It is not a necessity for our family, but a major blessing. I do not ever want it to take away from my ministry as a wife and a mother. But right now I do feel as if it makes me better at both of those because is makes me so joyful and for that I am thankful.

Well I should probably jet, as of today we have a leaky ceiling in the kitchen to tend to...oh yeah!! We have however done a TON around the house that I will show off soon. New dining room, new office (with amazing wood floors put in by my handy-man hubby) and sometime soon I hope to re-do the "boys/Jake's" room.

Tuesday, January 12, 2010

always getting into trouble

These two are already up to no in point:

Tuesday, January 5, 2010

merry christmas

So, I am way behind on this, but I wanted to get up some pics from our awesome Christmas here at the Hornberger household. It was perfect...some goodies for the boys, very thoughtful cars and trains and books, along with a shiny red wagon and a homemade picnic bench! So cool!
We had a delicious turkey dinner with my family, church on Christmas Eve to celebrate "Jesus' birthday", complete with a candle and singing (for the boys). We also had lots of lessons in sharing, playing sweet (Jake) and toughening up (Brock)! It was perfect. We had a sweet few days with Auntie Tina and lots of rest. I know they say that you really don't catch up on sleep, but I could not believe how much sleep I really did over the was AWESOME! Very restful yet very exhausting, if that is possible. Jake was SOOOOO ready and ran into his MDO out class today! I love seeing him make those friendships and enjoy that time, while Brock and I got to go to the gym, store and hang out around the house peacefully, which I know Brock really enjoyed!! Hope you all had an awesome Christmas too!! Happy New Year Everyone...much more to come!

too much action....ahhhh
learning how to share
Santa's helperperfect...a snuggie for mom!! Good thinking Nick & Sam!!wrestle!!!pooped pup!