Tuesday, March 30, 2010

jake report

I thought I would take a couple of posts to do some individual "stats", if you will, on the boys.
So, first up: The Jakester!
These are some kickin' PJ's I just ordered for him, because I KNEW he would love them. He is in love with anything tools, trucks or details. We took the boys to the rodeo the other week and instead of checking out all the cute animals and such Jake would point out the "bucket & warer" (aka. bucket & water) What a silly kiddo. Who notices that?
He loves pointing out ALL "warer" that he sees. While we drive around he always points out the water every-where. He is quite the chatty-cathy...here are some words and ways that he is saying them:
"pitze" - pizza
"Dir" - Dirk
"rooookie" - Rookie (Major emphasis on the "ooo")
"bror" - brother
"Brok" - Brock
"beeerr" - better (he loves saying when things are better)
"mamas" - mom
"daaas" - dad (we are both plural for some reason)
"watch" - to watch a movie on TV
"soos" - shoes
"dir" - dirt
"honne" hungry
He does all the grandparent's names like a pro now.
We are working really hard of "please" and "thankyou"...he does "pees" like a pro...but whenever we ask him to say thank you...it is "welcome"...it cracks everyone up everytime!

He is also saying lots of things very well:
LOTS more that I cannot think of right now

We have been working on sounds and stuff...he loves to moo like a cow, meow like a cat, bowow like a dog, ohoh (with his hands in his arm-pits) for a monkey, wiggle his nose like a bunny, hold up his nose like a pig
He and Brock are wrestling like crazy...he will pin Brock on the ground and lift up his hand and feet so that ALL of his weight is on him. It is hilarious!
He cannot stand being messy...he will wipe his face off if it is dirty (with a napkin) and if he get's wet playing outside he has to strip off anything that is wet. I have created a monster!

All in all he is a growing fun little boy. We are so blessed and thankful.

Friday, March 26, 2010

today for me

Today has been glorious. Joe and I got up this AM, fed and packed up the boys, and I drove into Houston to pass them off to Mimi and Pappi for a long weekend. I am so thankful for amazing grandparents!
I then went for a run in my old stomping grounds, ran a TON of errands and am now getting to write this blog post at 7pm all by myself! WOW! Joe is off in LA at a great friend's wedding, so I am enjoying some very nice peace and quiet. It is funny how we miss our kids whenever we don't have them, but whenever we do, we cannot wait for a moment to ourselves. Oh well...I know that seeing them on Monday will be awesome.
The plan for this weekend happened because Joe had a wedding he was in, I have a wedding I am shooting out of town, and we needed some childcare. So, with the boys already staying at my parent's for a couple of nights I asked if we could tack on a day or two more, so that I am now able to paint their room, and FINALLY make it "their's" and "cute"...if I am allowed to say that about a boy's room :-).
So, I will put up some pics soon of the completed project, either on this blog or my photo blog...so keep checking out both. Got some wild-ness coming atcha with it...so stay tuned!

But, I had not posted any of the fun pics I have taken this week, so here is a little bit along with a fun video of Jake pushing Brock in "the boat". We got a grunt in there and everything!
Hope yall have amazing weekends!

Sunday, March 21, 2010

growing up some more

This is how we sit now while entranced by the TV. He looks like such a big boy. It cracks me up!

Tonight he also put on his jeans all by himself.
While we were upstairs playing before bedtime, Jake wanted to play with his belt. Well, we cannot put on a belt if we are not wearing any pants. SOOOO..I HAD to get down his jeans. I was a little annoyed, and just handed them to him with the instructions "here, do what you want".
The next thing I knew he had both legs in and was trying to pull them up. WOW! I was so excited for him, which really stroked his ego. Then once the pants were on we had to put on the belt. So I showed him how to put it through the belt loops, and with my assistance we got the belt on and "bukd" (aka. buckled). He was quite excited, let me just tell you. So excited that he refused to take them off for bedtime. So, needless to say he is sleeping in his jeans and belt tonight! Such a cutie!
He was also looking for the beanie cap (which he has worn to bed several times now too) but, I put my foot down on that one...

Thursday, March 18, 2010

oh happy day!

How glorious of a day is it when we can all get outside and play...AND...when I can let both boys do it by themselves and they have so much fun together! I have been waiting for this moment!
Only a couple of weeks until I let them go play outside and every picture has sweat beads rolling down their foreheads!
That means sprinkler time!!

Sunday, March 14, 2010

2 walkers around here!

It's official...today Brock took his first steps! OMG! I am so proud! The little guy had the BIGGEST smile on his face when he did it...it was priceless!! Here is a video of him taking his 6th step...these aren't the actual first steps, but I tried to get him to do it again, which he did a little bit!

Yes, I know...it is not safe to let him do such things with a shovel in his mouth...but I was just too excited!

Saturday, March 13, 2010

our little converse-clad men

How much cute-er can two boys get??

Tuesday, March 9, 2010

we have made it outside!

The past week or so, excluding yesterday, has provided us with some pretty stinkin' awesome weather 'round here, so, we have gotten much outdoor time with the boys. Both of them love it out there, and FINALLY Brock is starting to not stick EVERYTHING in his mouth, just most things, and he is walking his way around, while holding on to things, but it totally helps him get outside without scraping up his knees. Good times! So, here are some pics from our time outside...messy boys!

Friday, March 5, 2010

we have survived

So, the week without daddy-o - we have made it! The boys were INCREDIBLE! I am soooo thankful for healthy kiddos throughout the week, that sure made it so much easier. WE had no major injuries...just the usual bumps and scraps that brothers inflict on eachother. The weather could not have been more incredible either. God is so good. We made it out in the yard for a lot of the days and Brock got to really start playing with his brother, which Jake loves. I cannot wait until he is fully walking around, and I do not have to watch him all the time trying to stick everything in his mouth. Shhhh...I had to dig out poop yesterday...yes, Brock, if you read this some day...you ate dog poop and did not complain one bit!
We have really enjoyed some mommy/sons bonding, but the boys and their mom are ready to get some daddy time again. For some reason this whole week they have decided to wake up at 6:30am. NOOO! I still leave them in the room until 7:30, but man are they tired little boys once nap time rolls around! I can't complain...they are still really happy kids, and take awesome naps because of it...which allows me to nap, work or write this blog :-).
Thanks to yall for your thoughts and prayers while Joe has been away. It has been a good week. God definitely took care of us! I totally credit Him with that!
Joe's week has been incredible, of course! I cannot wait to hear more when he gets back...communication has been VERY sparse. He arrives tomorrow night and will be able to wake the boys up Sunday morning. It is going to be great. I am off to Dallas tomorrow for a wedding, which I am looking forward to a whole day of adult interaction. Then we will get to be a family again next week! HOORAY! Hopefully some rodeo and zoo pics will be gracing this blog soon!
Have a great weekend everyone!

Tuesday, March 2, 2010


Brock LOVES his Blah-Blah. This was given to him by the Spalten's with the words "this is like cat-nip for kids". Boy is it ever. I have no idea why the obsession, but he is in love. He carries it around in his mouth by the tag on it's back, so it is NASTY with mildew from the slobber. I have two that we rotate, but am in need of some more soon, since those are both already mildew-y! He is so cute!

Monday, March 1, 2010

dishwasher for hire

Yes, that is Brock on our brand new dishwasher door...arrgg...the boy will not stay off...he wants to help (get into everything) to the point where Joe and I cannot even do the dishes while he is awake or out of his high-chair. He sees the door come down and he goes into hyper-power crawling mode towards the dishwasher from wherever he is in the house...it is hilarious...all with a huge 'ole grin on his face...I mean who can resist??