Saturday, May 30, 2009

I'm making $ left and right!

Our little worker-bee. Jake LOVES daddy's computer and imagining he is a workin' man. Joe took these pics of him the other day in Joe's "office", aka the "storage room", aka "the dining room".
He cracks us up!

Wednesday, May 27, 2009

my little men

I just had to post this...I took this pic of Brock the other afternoon after a bath and it totally reminded me of one of my favorite pictures of Jake when he was Brock's age. Isn't it just AMAZING how much brothers can look a like?!? Maybe it is just me...but I think they look so similar...and to top it all off, Brock is starting to loose some of that dark hair he was born with, and I think I see some blond coming in underneath...sorry Sitte...but we shall see....

Tuesday, May 26, 2009

our little tool

This is Jake. Jake is so active, and always having to help us out with EVERYTHING that we are doing, that this big brother gift, from Mimi and Gramps, was right up his alley. We were a little unsure at first if he would really enjoy it, since "shhhh, they are not real tools"....but Jake is in love!! Black and Decker tool set for kids...they look so real! Complete with his very own tool belt, hard hat and all the tools you could possibly imagine...woohoo! The only problem we have to watch for now is in his excitement in wanting to "show" everything to Brock...we still need to learn what might be considered hitting vs. tapping...but we are getting there! -Kel

Friday, May 22, 2009

1 month old!

I cannot believe our little Brock is 1 month old! Time flies...
He has already grown so much. We are focusing better and getting stronger and stronger every day. He has grown out of the NB diapers and a lot of the NB clothes has has gotten. Brock LOVES to eat! He is up to 4-5 oz. of formula at a! I think Joe and I have our work cut out for us with two growing boys. Good thing Jake is a picky eater who doesn't eat too much...that is as of right now...
I sure hope KHP picks up so we can afford to feed ourselves...hahaha...

Not really too much more to report...not like he is doing all that much more than eat, sleep, and poop...but Joe, Jake and I are loving every moment! -Kel

Tuesday, May 19, 2009

Bring on the cake...

So, if you live in Austin you get lots of good Lebanese food...but if you live in Houston you get some AMAZING cake.

This was brought to us by Uncle is an angel food cake (if you can even see any of the cake) with about 2" of whipped icing...a recipe passed down from Joe's Mimi. WOW! It tastes even better than it looks here...
Thank you Uncle Gary!

Monday, May 18, 2009

can I help you??

Jake loves to be involved in all aspects of Brock. Anytime you even mention Brock's name his eyes perk up looking for his little brother. I try to involve him as much as I can, even if it means shoving the bottle or pacifier into Brock's nose instead of the mouth. Brock is gonna have to be one tough kiddo!

Sunday, May 17, 2009

The many faces of Brock

He is only a little over 3 weeks old and already he has a vast array of "faces". He is so cute, I can hardly stand it
(I can totally picture him reading this when he is older and rolling his eyes).

The "look at these lips" face

The "I'm OUT" face

The "I'm too tired to care" face

The "Zoolander"

Another "I'm OUT" face

The "Thinker" face

The "holy crap, what are you doing to me" face

The "strike a pose" face

I have yet to get the "fussy face" (which does not come out that often) and the "smile"...but those will happen! I can promise you! - Kel

Thursday, May 14, 2009

Mother's Day #2

Well, technically this was #3 for me, but #1 was when Jake was just in my tummy. So, I don't truly count that one.
This past weekend was excellent. It started with flowers from ALL my boys earlier in the week and then over the weekend we headed down to Friendswood to spend some more time with Mimi, Gramps and Uncle Nick/Aunt Sam. Friday we got to see Melissa and Landon for about an hour...but this time around Jake and Landon were not too into eachother. I guess there was too much else going on. It was hilarious though, Landon enjoyed going over to Joe and randomly hitting him on the stomach. We all laughed, so of course he did it over and funny!
Then on Saturday a bunch of us headed down to Galveston to let all the pups play in the water, as well as Jake was able to experience the waves for the first time. HE LOVED IT! They kept knocking him over, but he could not get enough. It was awesome! Brock also enjoyed the sun basking under his umbrella. He is such a good baby so far!
Here are some of the pics from the afternoon.

All the pups

Sam and one of her beautiful sisters, Becca

Brock, chillin'

The mom's sun bathing

My little man, I cannot wait to have one in each arm

Mimi and Jake

Jake was loving playing with his uncle!

After a day at the beach...zzzzzzzz....and Jake NEVER sleeps in the this was a BIG deal!

Then Sunday was relaxing at the Martinek house and we had the Hughes family over for lunch. Good times.
Thanks to my family for an awesome Mother's Day #2 or 3...whoever is counting - Kel

Tuesday, May 12, 2009

Jake and Landon

Last week Melissa and Landon came up to visit all of us and it gave Jake and Landon a chance to get to play together. It was so fun to watch them interact. They are only 1 month apart so, the age difference is not noticeable at all which allowed them to really have fun with eachother once they warmed up. Here are some fun pictures I took during the visit. I love Landon's sideways cracks me up everytime, he is so cute. And as you can see Jake is a wild-man!

Sunday, May 10, 2009

Happy Mother's Day

Happy Mother's Day everyone!
I hope you all have very special days and get to celebrate with all those who love you most and now make Mother's Day mean so much more!

Friday, May 8, 2009

visitor awesomeness!

We have had some great visitors come and visit our family since Brock's arrival...and I wanted to put up some pictures of some of them just to say thank you, again!!

Aunt "C"

Aunt "E"

Melissa and Landon

Beautiful Callie



Uncle Paul

Cute Claire & Brent (Jake's awesome babysitter)


Uncle PB & Stefanie


Uncle Nick & Aunt Sam

Uncle Dave