Monday, February 28, 2011

brotherly love

these boys fight...but man they also is incredible and I am so thankful for how sweet they can be to eachother. Jake has always totally watched over his brother, Brock. Whenever Jake and Brock go to the kidsclub, Jake was such a hawk over him with the other kids. Now that Brock is almost the same size they do such an awesome job of really looking out for eachother. I cannot wait to see the both of them "hawk" over Holt once we start really taking him out with other kids around.

Friday, February 25, 2011


He is going to KILL me someday for this one...but it was too priceless not to post.
This past week this has been Jake's saying of choice:
"You driving me nervous" (translated: you're driving me crazy)
Not sure where he got it...I think I tell him he's driving me crazy too much...but I can honestly say I don't know where the nervous came from?!?

Also recently:
"That"s COOL" (said with such determination in his voice
"that's crazy" (with his sly cute smile)
"Momma, dada, I can't hear you" (when singing to the music in the car)
Apparently I have to be audible now, no more lip-syncing for momma! Hide your ears!

Monday, February 21, 2011


Brock is AWESOME! He cracks me up...such a free spirit of a kiddo.
We call him the piddler...he is soooo slow. Well, ok, so he is on his own time and doesn't really care AT ALL if you are in a hurry. Everything is slow and steady, and if he gets one distraction of any sort...forget what he was originally on track to do...ESPECIALLY if it is a's O.V.E.R!
He is talking up a storm. Literally, he is repeating EVERYTHING...and you can understand it too. He says everything with such happy inflection in his voice. Still higher-pitched than Jake, but man, sometimes I cannot tell who said something, they are starting to sound sooooo much alike.

He LOVES to wrestle...head butting is his favorite....OUCH! I swear, if he stays on this track he is going to be one HELL of a football player and maybe even a wrestler or rugby player. He is a BRUTE!
He loves to follow Jake and do everything Jake does...typical little brother. Right now Jake is doing a lot of hopping and jumping...and Brock hasn't quite mastered that one:

He also loves to cuddle still...which Joe and I ADORE. He is also telling us that he loves us now...priceless!! Here is a sweet video of our little man from a couple weeks ago. I need to do another one soon because he is already talking so much more:

Monday, February 14, 2011

the weekend accident

Well we were supposed to head to Austin this past weekend for Hallie's b-day party (as you saw in the previous post) BUT while I was loading up the car I allowed our sons to run around with funnels in their was so stinking cute watching them do it the day before while playing with Dirk in the backyard, so I honestly did not think anything of it. I should have many times growing up did my mom tell me not to run with things in my mouth?? (I am sure a lot) Anywho...while walking in the backdoor Brock fell on the funnel and busted up the roof of his mouth...I ran over to him, got blood all over my shirt and THEN realized that he was bleeding profusely. This mama doesn't do well with blood...God sure has a sense of humor in giving me all through the midst of wanting to pass out from my stomach hurting from the blood...I gave Brock some ice and the bleeding seemed to stop.
We then loading up the car, cause to be honest he was acting like nothing had even happened.
We got about 30 minutes down the road when Joe looked back and saw Brock drooling in his sleep the BIGGEST clot of blood....I immediately freaked out, climbed over all the seats to get to him and make sure he was conscience. He was fine...probably more ticked that I woke him from his nap. We decided to turn around, cancel our trip and take him to the emergency clinic, where the Dr. looked at him and acted like it was no biggie. Man it sure looks nasty in there though...ouch! Brock is one tough kid...he seriously amazes me...
And in Brock form...he is already back to 100%...I feel ridiculous, but you have no idea how thankful I am that it turned into nothing.

And here is some fun video of how cute the boys were pre-accident....Brock loves his Dirk...not sure if the feeling is mutual quite yet, but Dirk sure is coming around.
Needless to more funnels around here!

Saturday, February 12, 2011

a birthday message

to the birthday girl:
-Ms. Hallie-

So sorry we couldn't be there due to a last minute mommy mistake of allowing my children to run around with funnels in their mouths while I was loading up...which then allowed Brock to trip and fall and bust open the roof of his mouth and send Joe with him to the emergency clinic.
What a day. I KNOW yours was MUCH better!!
We promise to see you soon! Take an extra helping of that birthday goodness I am sure your mom and dad hooked you up with for Jake, Brock and Holt...yes, that means three extra helpings all for yourself!

Friday, February 11, 2011

a typical day around here...

So for starters we like to all wake up around 7:30...on a good day :-)
We eat breakfast in our pj's and get dressed afterwards, or else we have been known to be in our pj's until close to lunch you can see in some of these pics here.
We watch movies or try to play with something.
We love to play with legos...making guns and shooting bad guys is the main attraction. Sometimes we branch out into trains, or airplanes...but nothing holds a candle to our love of guns. And if we don't make the "right" gun sounds, just ask Mimi...we are corrected!
However, if we make it out of the house it is all about errands, getting mom a treat of coffee or the kids club at the gym.
We eat lunch and then "fart around" until nap time.
Nap time!! aka...bliss.
Wake up, snack, and hopefully play time outside...we have a sweet sand box that Joe built or being monkey's around in the yard is fun too. I do have the hardest time keeping them out there for too long without me or Joe...these boys get bored WAY TOO EASILY
Then dinner, baths and bed...ahhh bed at 7:30...aka: bliss.
All the while Holt is just chillin' and going with the flow. He is such a sweet baby!

These boys ADORE is soooo fun. Jake and Brock LOVE to play with eachother...almost makes me wonder what we did with only one...
Here is some fun video of our fun delirious boys:

Monday, February 7, 2011

a crew of cousins

So yes...I am JUST now getting around to this one...but a little shout out to the Austin Hornberger's for coming into town last month with their two munchkins to have some fun together and allow Joe and me a date night. It was so sweet of them...and we were so thankful. Here are some pics Joe was able to get before we left Dave and Cat with ALL the kiddos! (they did excellently...makes me think that they will be great parents of 5! :-))

And fun video of some of the chaos:

Thursday, February 3, 2011


Love it...this kid is getting so fun with all the things he says. Try this one on for size:
The other afternoon I picked him and Brock up from MDO.
As we were driving home he was singing to ALL the songs on the radio (have to start being careful there)
Then he pauses and says
"I miss mimi and papi & sitte and berger"
To which I reply
"Well, I know they miss you too.
Did you know that they are mommy and daddy's mommy and daddy?"
Jake: "huh?"
Me: "ya, Mimi and Papi are my mommy and daddy and Sitte and Berger are daddy's mommy and daddy"
Jake, with such A-dorable inflection in his voice: "that's cool"
Jake: "why?"
Me: "I dunno, that's just had God made us"
Jake, with even more A-dorable inflection in his voice: "huh...that's cool"
Me: "ya, that is cool!"

It is so funny to hear him say things now...makes me realize how much we say things and how we say them. Things like "you hear me?" or "hey Mister" when talking to Holt. It is sooooo cute. I love this stage of him...and I hear it just gets better and better!

Some fun Brock-isms coming soon too!

Wednesday, February 2, 2011

our little 2 month old

So today Holt has his 2 month check up and shots...yuck. He was a champ though...and turns out quite the bleeder...he bled all over me through the band-aid. Hooray!
He is a 100% healthy little man. 80% for weight, 60% height (which is so opposite of his bothers, but I think that might have to do with new standards or something because he seriously looks just like they did at their age...long and skinny)
As of this week he is sleeping through the night!! HALLELUJAH!! We are still waking up every once in a while around 4am, but he just falls back asleep after letting me know he is still there :-).
So we head to bed around 10pm and wake up around 6 or 7am. It is bliss. And as of last night we are wondering if we need to start putting him down after the 7pm feeding, seeing that he has fallen asleep right after it anyways and didn't really want much to do with his 10pm bottle. No complains here!
He is taking two naps a day now and really has fallen into a routine awesome-ly!! I am soooo thankful...can you tell??
To me he looks just like the other two, lots of hair and dark...I love it... But his eyes are still blue...and I am hoping they pull through, however I am not betting on it.
Other than that not too much to report. He is a happy little man with lots of smiles when you talk to him. A very content little guy...just like his brothers. We are so blessed!