Friday, January 28, 2011

ring around the rosie

the boys LOVE to play ring around the rosie...or, excuse me, I mean "ring-roun"
Here some fun video of two out of the three:

Wednesday, January 26, 2011

nothing like a little Jesus to end the day

So today went a little something like this:
woke up after hardly any sleep last night due to another restless night from Holt :-(
watched The Sword In The Stone with the boys and ate breakfast
went to the bathroom with Brock RIGHT at my side, commenting on what was IN the toilet and entertaining himself with the toilet paper rolls (one day I will be able to poop by myself again)

Came out of the bathroom to find Jake in the living room with shampoo in his hair...the shampoo he had to go all the way upstairs to get and come back down with. Awesome.

Tried to entertain two little boys outside, for God's sake, so that they will take good naps and I can have some sanity time.
Put the boys down or naps, and actually all three of them sleep about an least I had one hour.
Entertained two boys again outside, for God's sake, and find them covered in mud oh only about 5 minutes after asking them to play out there for a little while.
Got out of the house and drove to Chick-fil-a for dinners...I needed SOMETHING to do!
Ate dinner
Put the boys down early and headed back downstairs to listen to Holt do his "fussy" hour. Oh fun.

HOWEVER...the day was crazy, and my patience was tested over and over, and I failed over and over...but nothing can stress me out anymore when I think about it all because it ended with prayer time with each one of my boys.
Usually we all pray together, when we can, but tonight I need to just put each of them down separately.
When we ask them to tell us what they are thankful for Jake answers "Jesus", amongst many other random things...ok, melt my heart...
Brock usually cannot sit still and it takes all we have to say a quick prayer and have him at least say "Amen" with us at the end. Tonight was different though. After yet another break down I went in to spend some time with Brock after Jake. I told him how sorry I was for the day and how much I loved him. I then asked him the question that I never expected to get an answer to: "Brock...what are you thankful for??" To which he soooo sweetly replied without a hitch "jesus". The first time any parent hears their sweet child say that word will always be remembered. I know I wrote on this blog about how Jake said it and it melted our hearts, and tonight was Brock's turn and I could not be any more thankful for the sweetness of his little heart that we are already starting to see. I love our little boys. One day soon I hope to be writing this same post about Holt...and it will be just as sweet as the last two. WOW! God. Is. Good!

Oh ya, and so is Uncle Paul...who, by the way, Jake says is stronger than the Dinosaurs...that's right...Uncle Paul and Jesus will be able to fight off any dinosaur that comes Jake's way!

Sunday, January 23, 2011

christmas through pictures

The weekend started out with some yummy pie making by Sitte and Brock:
Some sleeping from Berger and Holt:

Some cookie making by Mimi, Papi and the boys:

Some fish, peas and prunes eaten by my dad for the Martinek Christmas Eve tradition, and a new Hornberger tradition of breakfast for dinner eaten by all the rest of us who are not crazy:

Some incredibly blessed kiddos with amazing gifts from our sweet family:

Topped off with a beautiful table with an awesome meal cooked by amazing hands:

Merry Christmas, from these Hornbergers!

And a holiday would not be complete without just one temper tantrum...
(disclaimer: we are so blessed with great boys, but this was just too classic not to post)

Wednesday, January 19, 2011

christmas -the videos-

I cannot believe I am just not getting to blog about Christmas. But here we are a couple from the night before and one from the next morning (with my sexy voice because two little boys woke up WAY too early) And NO we do not "lock" our kids upstairs...we did it for a new tradition of not being able to come down to early and the anticipation for Christmas morning...oh the anticipation...
Sorry...they're kind of long...but so fun for us to have and look back on one day. Hope you enjoy.
Pictures to come next!

Friday, January 14, 2011

our little 6 week old

Holt is FINALLY 6 weeks. I can honestly say that I feel like it has taken forever to get here. BUT, we are here, and for that I am thankful! He is smiling at us a ton now. Total voice recognition and totally making things worth it more and more. He is sleeping, on average, a 6 hour stint and then another 3 hours after that at night. This mama cannot complain there. He is holding up quite well with his brothers he LOVES it when they sit and play right next to is so cute! His eyes are still blue-grey, but I saw a spot of brown in one of them...noooo...I would love for one boy to have colored eyes...but I bet I will have no such luck. Other than that, life is just a bunch of same-ol-same-ol! We have three healthy boys and we are so thankful!

Thursday, January 13, 2011

the joy's of three - video time

And because I forgot about how awesome this is is some fun video Joe got of our messy bedroom with our awesome boys...
disclaimer: no infants were hurt in the filming of this video (I swear)

Wednesday, January 12, 2011

the joy's of three

Growing pains always come with incredible bitter sweet moments!
Just to show a few:

And Brock FINALLY holding his Holt:

Tuesday, January 4, 2011

boys will be boys

So, it begins...the mischievous-ness that all mom's of boys tell us about whenever we tell them we have all boys.
Case in point:
The other afternoon I was sitting in the living room feeding Holt. Jake and Brock were at the back door playing in the laundry area. They had the door open and were going in and out as they pleased. I heard lots of laughing and yelling. Brock was cracking up quite loudly then all of a sudden I hear a muffled cry out for help. At first I totally assume Jake has shut the door in Brock's face, leaving him outside...however, I quickly come to realize that our son, Jake has closed our son, Brock in the dryer. Yes, the dryer. How Brock got into the dryer, I dunno. How Jake coerced him into the dryer, I dunno. Why it happened, I dunno and I will never know, but trust me, I have my theories floating around in my head...and everytime I think about it I crack up...
Oh, I cannot wait for the stunts they will pull!

And because I love pictures, here are some drawing on the window's little cuties! (I think we have chalk marks on anything they can find in our backyard)