Saturday, September 26, 2009

our little toddler

Let me just preface this with:
We adore Jake. He is an incredible son, and such a sweetheart of a kid.
This is what we seem to get a lot of these days when he is not in his usual good mood. I think I was pissing him off even more by taking the pictures of it, which, in turn, made for even better pictures!

Monday, September 21, 2009

a sweet update

I just had to post a couple of pictures of our little men lately. Brock LOVES sticking out his tongue when he is concentrating. Jake is now stuck on the saying "oh no". OVER AND OVER! It has gone from "uh oh" to "i dunno" now to "oh no". It is hilarious!!
They still simply adore eachother. It is almost a daily matter to see them both sitting and watching morning cartoons and such on the chair in our living room.
I just got back from Chicago where I got to mix some work and hang time with my cousin Sam, Katie and their new cutie Sofia. We had a BLAST, but it was so awesome to come back to my boys!!

Monday, September 14, 2009

rice cereal

Brock is currently on his second week of rice cereal, and handling it like a PRO. I cannot get over how well he is doing with it. Maybe it is the fact that we made it a little thicker than we did when we tried it out with Jake, but by day 2 he was already (VERY SLOWLY) throwing it all down. I was so impressed! Here are some pics of the first go around. As you can see we still love getting it all over the place, but that comes with the growing process, right?? That and the fact of being a boy. I gave up on trying to keep these two clean. SO not worth it!

Jake LOVES to help out with anything having to do with Brock. He has even begun to start picking Brock up (with my help, of course)...Thank goodness Brock thinks it is hilarious!

Thursday, September 10, 2009

mothers day out

We just had to snap a couple of pics, like last year, of the first day of mother's day out. He was so pumped, and has been every morning since. I love the socialization and all the new friends he is getting to make....he is such a goof. The report from the first day "he is a sweetheart, but he will not do anything you want him to do when transitioning activities." Stubborn much??...sound familiar mom?? So Lisa, mom and Aunt Linda...I thought I got away easy having boys...but it turns out, my oldest is just as frustrating as I was as a child...this should be interesting!
Payback, right?

Tuesday, September 1, 2009

Noah's Ark

This past weekend me and the boys headed down to Mimi and Grampa's house to play on Friday & Saturday. Friday night we checked out Uncle Nick's first HS football coaching game. Good times at Double Dave's before where we could not get Jake off the rides long enough to eat anything.
Then on Saturday I was able to get a little alone time with the Jakester. We have not had that in a while, so we did a little "date" with Melissa and Landon to the Noah's Ark pool. What fun! I included here some videos of the slides. The first is me and Jake going down the big slide together, and the second (you have to turn your head) is of him attempting to go by himself...what do you think happened??