Friday, March 23, 2012

rodeo time!

So we didn't end up making it to the big Houston rodeo this year with the boys, but their school did do a great job putting on some rodeo fun for the boys, and we thought we would get them into character.
Look at these cute cowboys:

Tuesday, March 13, 2012

one tough little cookie

Holt has now been to the emergency clinic twice in his life. Once when he was an infant for Croup...and then again this past week for some major stitches repair on two gashes on his left arm.
I told a friend the other day that is seems as though our hospital visits increase with each child we have...soooo...this should mean no more kids are necessary. :-)
Turns out our dog, Dirk, gets in the moment and likes to trample our munchkins. This time he got into a little tiff through the fence with our neighbor's dog and Holt wanted in on the action as well. Dirk didn't adjust to him being there and when I ran out side and scooped him up he has been knocked over and Dirk had run off. I thought he was just scared and I held him and brought him back in the house when I looked down to see blood covering my arm. THANK THE LORD Joe was JUST leaving for work and I screamed for him, we checked Holt out and saw two big gashes on his forearm and bicept. Poor guy.
He was, of course crying, we got the bleeding to stop, and Joe canceled his work "day" to take him to the clinic while I stayed back with Jake and Brock. After they left, I sat down and almost passed out due to the fact that I CANNOT handle I have said before...I'm screwed!
What a whirl-wind.
Thankful for a flexible husband. Thankful for a husband who doesn't want to pass out at the sight of blood, like his wife. Thankful that it was only Holt's arm and just little cuts. Thankful for one tough kid. He took it like a champ.
Shots, being held down, stitches...all hard at the time, but the very next day he was ready to roll again.
This is Holt's "don't mess with me" face while being stitched up:
Love this kid!

Friday, March 9, 2012

brothers who work together...

Have so much fun...
I came outside to check on them the other day and saw these two worker-bees trying to work on a tree fastener...
They were having such a ball helping eachother out were so serious about getting this job done!

Monday, March 5, 2012

the pass-times...

The posts seem to be getting fewer and farther between...Who knows.
Anyways...this blog will still be my diary to these just bear with me and check back every once in a while please?!?
So things we like to do to pass the time around here.
play in the sand box
ride bikes on the driveway
run over Holt in the monster truck
soccer for Jake
gymnastics for Jake & Brock
school 2-3 days a week
The library (a whole new world!!)
go to our friend's house or have them come to ours
drawing and coloring - Jake
helping daddy bake
work the xbox conroller - Jake
work our iPhones - Jake & Brock
Both Brock & Jake LOVE having real conversations. (can't quite understand all of Brock yet, but it sure is cute)
Holt points and "talks" about EVERYTHING
They can strap themselves into their car seats
all three wrestle with daddy every night
They are OBSESSED and play like their super-heros. Jake's fav is Captian America & Brock's is them...
I cannot wait to see who Holt's fav will be.
So far, so good...they love eachother, fight eachother and are three amazingly awesome best friends!