Sunday, August 29, 2010

our little art-ists

I am saying that with an awesome accent, of I am a regular French-woman.
So, one of the things I have had fun doing with the boys this summer is whipping out some canvases paint and brushes and letting them "go to work".
Might want to think about watercolor next time. Dorky me I am so used to acrylics...that was a fun one to clean up. Oh least the boys had a great time!

And their finished product so proudly displayed in Jake's room:

More to come on the room-fiasco...working on Brock's daily...

Sunday, August 22, 2010

our little fishies

Jake and Brock are getting soooo much better at the pool. We have not taken advantage of the pool as much as we probably should have this summer, but I am so proud of the boys non the less. The other week we took them both and tried to make Jake a little more adventurous by backing up more and more for him to swim to us...eventhough he was not too happy about it he did it and made it all the way across the pool at least once. We got back to the pool (the next door neighbors) the next week and I thought we would have to do "baby steps" again getting him to swim to us...but that was not at all the case...he got in and was doing laps without even asking. I could not believe it. I brought the camera along to document A SWIM across the pool, but instead I got way too much video of him swimming sorry for the length, but I am just one proud mama considering this was only day one of completely swimming alone!

our little fish from Kelly Hornberger on Vimeo.

Tuesday, August 17, 2010

potty training.101

We are in the midst of it...taking it one day at a time, but I write this blog on a day that Jake is actually doing a good job with it! We have made it to the potty for 4 pees today! Although, the past two days have been horrible...including poop in the undies and LOTS of pee. This is so humbling! All I have to say is:
"Thank you mom and dad for teaching me how to wipe my butt, and do it eventhough I KNOW you really didn't want to"
Joe and I knew going into this it would SUCK...and boy were we right :-)

Friday, August 13, 2010

a summer 'o fun!

So, the thing I have quickly learned this summer is that summers are extremely difficult with two toddlers under 3. I quickly ran out of things to do to not make them bored of me...there are only so many times we can play in the sand box or play in the water hose or drive through the local airport or sit and watch construction sites...soon enough they need new stimulation. I mean come many times can we go to Target or drive all the way down to the zoo to sweat our "balls off"? Joe and I are not really big on buying them a lot of toys and since there are two of them they do a really good job getting into trouble together already...which seems to be fun at times. They are getting better and better at playing with eachother without me and Joe around all the it is always interesting to see what their little minds come up with. I was so proud of Joe who took these great pics of the boys the other afternoon after they got into the wet chalk. Turns out you can draw on ANYTHING with wet chalk!

Thursday, August 12, 2010


This past week Joe and I were able to escape up to the East Coast for a little adult time, a little bit of work and some good hang time with family and friends. We did a couple nights in New Hampshire at my cousin's house where I did some shoots and we got to spend some time on the beach. We even drove 5 more minutes up to Maine so that Joe could say he had been there.
Then we headed into Boston to meet up with our friends, Ricky + Lindsay. Lots of shopping, good food, and relaxing. Here are just a couple pics from the trip...however, I think the bet part was actually coming home refreshed to our little munchkins! Life is good!

And this one made the post because this is the EXACT place, EXACT stance and EXACT shirt (by Joe) that we took two years ago. Sad isn't it...yes, I did say same shirt there people!

We had a great time! Thanks again to everyone who hosted us in their homes! See you again next year!

Monday, August 2, 2010

tent-making. 101

One of the things all kids need to learn is the art of making a good tent...Joe did a great job starting them off the other afternoon.

Tent making 101 from Kelly Hornberger on Vimeo.