Saturday, July 21, 2012

4th of July...Friendswood style

All growing up Friendswood has had one of the best 4th of July day's in town...maybe even the state.  We do a HUGE parade down the main street (which Nickle and I used to dress up our bikes and ride in, or jump on a school float for)
Then there is a huge concert at night followed by a great fireworks display.  
Quite the hometown tradition.  
This year was the first year the boy's got to participate too.  It totally is not anything I was thinking we would ever do, but my sweet friend Melissa called and asked us to float it up with her and some other friends for the new FHS alumni organization. 
It was HOT!  
The boys had some fun...but it was HOT. was good to catch up with old friends and see what the parade is all about all over again.
(Holt stayed and watched from the sidelines with Mim & Papi)

 And of course we have to sword fight

Then the rest of the day...for our family...was all about Papi's bday.  We had dinner on my parent's awesome patio and had some yummy birthday cake!