Tuesday, November 22, 2011

1 little indian

I was so excited to be able to make it to Jake's first Thanksgiving feast at school. They did their first ever little "program" and then the parents got to each lunch with their kids afterwards. It was so fun! One of my most vivid memories when I was growing up was having my parents come to eat lunch with me. I LOVED showing them off...and they would alway bring some goodies with them too!! Not sure Jake really cared, like I did when I was little, but it was still so fun to see him in his element. He has some really cute friends this year...his birthday party should be interesting :-).
Happy Thanksgiving y'all!!

Thursday, November 17, 2011

an update of sorts...

shoot...it's been too long...so here's a little update on what's been happening around here.
Jake is almost 4.
Holt is almost 1!
BOY time has flown by this year!
Brock is talking up a storm and using his hands a lot...it is soooo cute.
Jake and Brock LOVE to play with eachother...they are so cute...the play, they fight, then they play again..it's quite comical.
We just love listening to their conversations with eachother.
Jake has about 5 girlfriends at school.
Brock has about 3.
It's hilarios to see the differences in boys vs. girls at this age. All of the mom's of these girls come up to me at MDO and tell me how their little girls talk about these boys ALL THE TIME.
I have to say..."oh so cute...what is your little girl's name?" (then lie about how I have heard her name around our house too)
Our conversation home in the car:
me" "boys...how was school??"
them: "good"
And that's it! (of cousre I eventually ask more...but not sure how much of it is truth and how much of it is forced. BOYS.

Holt is LOVING his brothers too. He now SPLASHES in the tub with them...cracks up when they wrestle with him. Loves to try and play with EVERYTHING that they are playing with.

We are just loving the life of all boys. So entertaining. So chaotic. So fun.
Just last night I found Brock was a little busy bee, moving ALL of his bedding down from his top bunk to Jake's bottom bunk, along with some HUGE toys, to fall asleep ON TOP of Jake.
Needless to say, Joe and I could not stop cracking up.

Tuesday, November 1, 2011

happy halloween

What a fun Halloween it was this year.
Jake and Brock were TOTALLY into it. Holt was just happy to be outside...but ready for bed at the same time.
Holt wore the three times used (and LAST time used) Shark costume. What a cutie.
Jake and Brock were Ironman! We asked what they wanted to be...and the anwswer was "IRONMAN!" At least it was the day that I asked them and they had just gotten done watching an avengers...the next day it was "CAPTAIN AMERICA" and the next it was"SUPERMAN"...and the next "BATMAN"....well...whatever...we got the idea at least.
Jake's fit him like a champ...Brock's gave him a cameltoe and capri's....but he didn't care....he was all over it!
We went to all our amazing neighbors...we had a great time.
We collected lots of great loot, which daddy showed them how to tally up afterwards. We even let them hand out some candy...really trying to emphasis giving...it was a great night...only to get better with age...I can only image what they will want to be next year!!