Tuesday, November 30, 2010


Lately Jake has been saying some of the funniest stuff. I havd to just write some of them down for him to see someday.
The other night we were tucking him into bed and saying our prayers. Every night we ask Jake what he is thankful for. Most nights it comes down to relatives, our bed, mom and dad...ect...
so after his random list I asked him:
"ok, let's say thank you for all of those things"
to which Jake replied "thank you for all of those things"
He is usually really good at repeating lists back to us, but this time he just wanted to wrap it all up very simply. We all could not stop laughing!!
Then since we were cracking up, he starting laughing at himself too, with an awesome thrown back head and a huge belly laugh!

I cannot wait for the next thing funny enough to write down. These kids rock!

Monday, November 22, 2010

18mos....well, sorta

Hello crappy mom alert. First off, I totally forgot all about the 15 mo. check up. Secondly, I am taking Brock in for his 18 mo. check up oh at 20 mos. But, hey...who's counting, right?!?
We are blessed beyond words...we have two incredibly healthy little men. I cannot be any more thankful. God is so good to us, why? Who knows, but I love that He has allowed us to raise these two, almost three, little men.
So, I took Brock to his "18 mo" check up this AM and we are so proud of where he is. Everything is right on track. He is back to the 50% for weight and 85% for height...we make um lean and mean around here...at least right now we do...who knows what these guys will grow into...but we cannot wait for the ride!
So, that's the happy Brock update. He is such a rockin' kid. He LOVES to smile. The only time he is unhappy is when he gets hurt (either self-inflicted or from his brother) or when we tell him "no". HAHA...it is quite funny...he is in the funny temper-tantrum stage, but I think we are nearing the end...praise Jesus!
He has a TON of teeth, he cleans his plates and he is really starting to talk up a storm...it is so cute to hear his little voice. So fun, so fun...we are just loving and trying to remember to enjoy everyday in this stage of life...no matter how hard it is right now!

Friday, November 19, 2010

kid heaven

The other week I did a shoot in the garage at our house that required a giant white backdrop and some cake. (You'll see more on that on my photo blog soon) so we were almost wrapped up with the shoot by the time Joe got home with the boys from school. Naturally they were SO intrigued, and so at the end of all the work we did what any normal parent of two toddlers would do: let them eat cake, draw on and make a mess of the backdrop that would need to be trashed anyway. WOW! Did we have fun...maybe I should do this more often :-).

Thursday, November 18, 2010

just because

I thought we all should enjoy a good laugh today! How cute is this kid?!?

Friday, November 12, 2010

Jake's 3rd birthday party

What an amazing turn out we had for Jake's birthday party. I was so honored and flattered at how many people and kiddos came over to share in his sweet afternoon. I know they say to invite the number of kids as the number on the birthday...oh well...we just have too many incredible friends with awesome kids!
Jake was so pumped the whole day. Which meant he didn't nap. Oh fun. But that didn't seem to phase him thankfully. But it did, however, rub off on his brother, and he decided not to nap too...that is another story. But all in all they did GREAT. Jake was so pumped to paint. Once all the kids arrived he kept calling everyone out into the yard to show off the painting supplies. We spread out the munchkins as much as we could and gave each of them a canvas and a paint brush and let them go to town with whatever color they wanted (or pretty much whatever color was closest to them)
It was so fun to see all the different personalities just through the painting.
Landon was very gentle and meticulous with his paint strokes
Andie was REALLY good... her's was the only one that actually looked like something
Scarlett was so sweet and gentle with hers...she also did a good enough job to where you could tell she was painting with a purpose
Pierce was also really gentle, like his sister. Another solid sheet of canvas...
Reed watched
The Wysocki's too did a great job on theirs, one of which Jake decided he would help out on, and ended up getting extremely embarrassed and sad when I ran over "loudly asking" for him to not paint on Owen's....oppps...
Brock painted everything BUT the canvas and just ended up playing the in water bowl the rest of the time
And Jake was all about texture, using leaves and grass and a solid mass paint mashing in all his colors together.

It was awesome...we all had so much fun watching them. And again, I am so thankful for amazing friends...and seriously...what other 3 year old boy gets to have a bunch of cute collegiate soccer gals at his birthday party?? and he has NO IDEA how cool that really is!

It was awesome...Jake requested and got his daddy's famous cookie cake and we had that and brownies and icecream to tap off the evening.
Then the next day we opened all the presents that he didn't open the night of and share them with his brother :-).

Monday, November 1, 2010

happy hallowen

So I do apologize for the lack of quality in these pictures, but I had to get a couple up on the blog to show off our two cuties. This year we bought nothing. Jake was an orange crayon, which is a costume that Mimi made for me when I was his age...which now makes it totally vintage and majorly cool, right? And Brock was a banana...which is a hand-me-down from last year. It is perfect though, being that Banana is one of his new words (well kind of) and he loves them!
We made it around the block...and collected a good amount of candy!
It was WAY too hot, yet again this year, and Brock didn't want to let go of Jake's bug gun...As Joe put it "he is a piece of deadly fruit". But all in all we had a great time!