Friday, April 23, 2010

what a year

It is official...Brock is 1!! So nuts, yet again, how fast his first year has flown by. He is amazing. I love this little boy's joy. Like no other baby I have been around before. His smile makes anyone melt and I adore getting to walk around any corner or enter any room where I know his is because he welcomes you with the most genuinely joyful is incredible! He ADORES Jake and Jake ADORES him! We are so thankful. Brock is almost only walking now, so Jake loves to hold his hand and help him...which Brock thinks is the coolest thing ever! Just today Joe said that Brock was holding onto Jake and they were walking around the living room cracking up at eachother.
I so pray for yet another year to get to raise up this little man. I am smitten, I am thankful and I am so blessed by Brock. I cannot see where the next year takes us!

This was Brock's AM wake-up call with singing and candles in cupcakes. The RED icing was crazy staining so we opted to wait for the cake destruction at his party...but here are some pics from our beautiful singing!!

The look I got from Jake when I asked him to give Brock a Bday kiss...priceless:

But he did...

Wednesday, April 14, 2010

it's bluebonnet time!

This past weekend we took the boys to Chappell Hill for the awesome bluebonnet festival. We were even able to meet up with some awesome friends, The Green's and The Theibaud's (who have 2 girls just a little older than our boys)
It was so fun!!

watching street performers

mmmm...anything fried??

Only in TX. Peeling a potatoe with a drill!

playing in the dirt

what comes out of a drill and a potato and fried goodness!

gotta have funnel cake!

this starts a series on Jake protecting his brother from out!

Jake was having so much fun with the girls...Brock wanted to get out and play with them so bad!

sweet boy giving a sweet girl flowers!

Monday, April 5, 2010

a boy and his dogs

Jake loves to "wak" his dogs...or maybe he loves for the dogs to walk him...either way...the pups are not so much entertained!

Friday, April 2, 2010

brock report

So now it's the Brockster's turn. I cannot believe the little man is almost 1. He has been such a joy to have from day one. The kiddo LOVES to smile. He is a walking maniac.
He is not only walking yet, but he is almost to that point. He get's so excited every time he does it.
He loves to dance. Any music that he hears his hands are up swaying or his little boot-ay is movin'
He loves to talk. He is a little gibber-gabber-er.
He wants to climb everything. I found him on top of their picnic table last week...yes, ON TOP.
He is quite the baller. He loves balls and he loves to throw them back and forth. He is quite good at it too!
I think he has got to weigh as much as Jake...the kid needs to start walking and walk off some lbs. It is brutal carrying him.
He is fearless...or stupid...I hope that the first is the case.

One word...he is AWESOME!