Tuesday, November 27, 2012

Thanksgiving Thankfuls

This year I thought I would try something that made the boys think about things a little.  I threw together a piece of twine, circles cut from paper & clothes pins to make a "thankfulness banner".  And every day we would have the boys think of something they are thankful for...no repeats and could not just be "stuff" but really challenge them to think about things...here is their list:
Our House
Miss Amy
Rookie & Dirk
Shows (yes, TV shows)
Our Relatives
The Stars
The Sun
Miss Kate
The Moon

No these were not prompted...I was quite proud of what they thought of.  I have put all the supplies in a bagg-ie for next year at this time....I look forward to hearing what they come up with then...

Thursday, November 15, 2012

#10, #11 & honorary #12

SO this was the year...the year of actually having fun with sports...and boy has it been awesome.  Brock got out there and tried his hardest (in his pokey-Joe kind of way sometimes) from the get go...he just jumps into things and does really well...especially when he tried his hardest.  Jake likes to ease his way in...it took us about 2 seasons of soccer for him to warm up to it all...but man...he is warm...he is on fire!  It's awesome to see him come so far.  Jake and Brock are on the same team this year...Jake is older on the team and Brock is one of the youngest.  Brock's little legs run their fastest, he just gets wiped out...but sheesh I give him so much credit...he tries so hard and has so much fun.  Jake started off slow again, but now that we LOVE our coach and LOVE our friends on the team he has become one of the best kiddos (as good as kids can be at this age) out there.  Joe and I are so proud of them...And Holt is the best cheerleader I know...he is SOOOO ready to be out there with them...

 Brock trying to talk Jake into coming out to play...no success...

The boy's cheering section

Hooray...Jake decided to play...the switch went off

Totally over exposed...but CRACKS me up...Holt-bear...

Love the tongue sticking out...

Brock's pooped!

Monday, November 5, 2012

Happy Halloween

This year was the best yet.  Jake got really into it which made all his brother's more excited about it too.  They even ALMOST made it up to a door to trick or treat all by themselves...and then asked for our hands at the last minute...oh well...maybe next year (although I secretly didn't mind still being wanted around)