Saturday, October 31, 2009

Happy Halloween

Tonight started off VERY rough, to say the least! We started off with a SCREAMING (I cannot capitalized it enough) Jake while trying to get him into his banana costume. It was so extreme I got out the camcorder and recorded it all. I cannot wait to show his possible future bride someday! If only I could figure out how to get our videos off the camera...maybe someday yall will get to see it. are some shots from the night. After we got Jake out and had one of the other kiddos on the block show him how it's done...he ROCKED! He was saying "trtre" (aka. Trick or Treat) and holding out his bucket for the candy. He was so loving all the kids around and all the excitement that went into it. Brock was a total trooper the entire time, laughing and "talking" and enjoying the cool air.
When we got home we dumped out the candy he had collected and got to eat a little kit-kat. All in all it was great, and I am so proud of my little men for being brave and trick or treating for the first time!

Brock, eating Jake's costume

Jake & Grampa

Before Jake was born Grampa & Mimi bought "the baby" a matching Mexican shirt (I call it this because I cannot remember the name) like the one he already had and wears a lot as well as a sweet little Mexican dress (if we were having a girl). Jake has just now been able to fit into it and the dress, well it is still on a hanger in the closet for a future girl...hahaha.
Last month we had to get some pictures of the two of them dressed alike...Jake and Grampa!

Thursday, October 29, 2009

31 years old

Happy birthday to my other boy.
My main man!
I am so thankful for this man's life, and for that I have Ronnie and Sandy and the AWESOME Man upstairs to thank!
I am so thankful for the incredible man of God that he is and is still striving every day to be. It is because of that desire that he is an incredible husband, father and son. I am so glad God sought us out and continually seeks us out and forgives us so that we can live a life pleasing Him!
I hope I have another awesome 31+31 years to get to spend with him, but either way I am so thankful for who he has become and is in my and our son's lives!

Monday, October 26, 2009

6 months old

Brock is officially 1/2 a year old! I cannot believe it! I was telling my mom this weekend, that time has FLOWN by. The first 2 months were dragging on, but then the next 4 are a complete blur. I am so glad I have kept up with this blog as much as I can, because it is neat to go back through and see what I have seemed to "block out".
So, just a little update on where Brock is these days:
He is getting up on his knees and elbows and rocking back and forth. He sees Jake and wants to tackle him so bad, you can just see it! He is going to crawl before we know it!
Just yesterday he was sitting up in his bumbo and rolled himself out of it onto the floor. I was shocked. The boy has got major strength and drive.
He rolls everywhere...also just yesterday I left him on the floor in his room while I bathed Jake. Once Jake and I were done we walked back in to check on him and he had gotten himself all the way from the floor by his changing table across his room and INTO the tent we have set up. I was cracking up. And then Jake saw where his brother had gotten and was so pumped to have a more mobile "toy"...he was laughing and squealing and trying to jump on him.
He still laughs all the time. The only time he seems to be upset or cry is when his brother is harassing him. Ok, Jake is not bad, he really is an incredible big brother to him, but that just goes to show you that Brock hardly ever is upset.
He is incredibly ticklish
He has some curly brown hair, he sometimes get a wave mohawk down the middle
He has one tooth through on the bottom with some more on the way
He is eating everything...I am not complaining there

He is an incredibly good kid. We are so blessed and thankful!

Saturday, October 24, 2009

story time!

Every night and some nap times Jake likes to have a book read to him. It is awesomely sweet time to wind down and hang out with our little man. Well, lately I have been able to catch the cute act of mimi and daddy crawling into bed and reading with him, and I just had to share...they are too sweet not to!

Thursday, October 22, 2009

my little blah blah

Brock loves his Blah Blah, given to him by The Spalten's. As Erin quotes it: "there is some kind of kid-nip in there or something". Who knows...but he hasn't latched onto anything else except this. I think it is adorable!

Friday, October 16, 2009

Happy 26th Uncle Nick

Ok, so I am pretty sure I got the age right this time...
We took an evening trip down to Fwood last weekend to celebrate Nickle's birthday. Doesn't everybody have to make their entire family dinner on their birthday?? Well Nick did...and it was fun and all topped off with a brownie trifle....yummmm!! I was able to get just a couple of pics, and so I wanted to post them here. We love our Uncle Nick!

Sunday, October 11, 2009

splashin' in the mud and the mush

Over the past couple of weeks we have gotten some crazy hot and humid, then rainy and humid, then cool and humid, and now just rainy fall weather. I am not complaining, because with all this nasty-ness comes some cool weather in the end, so it is well worth we get some good play time in the mud outside. Our yard is especially muddy right now because we are throwing away about 15 bricks at a time of our bricked porch, it has taken about 3 months to almost be done with the process. In the meantime it has been an excellent sand box/mud pit for the Jakester! Case in point:

Thursday, October 8, 2009

our little busy bee

Jake has been doing sooooo well in his big boy bed. He stays in there the entire time he is sleeping at night and waits for us to come get him in the morning. This was also true of nap time...until I found him the other afternoon when I went to wake him up...

...with EVERY single toy from the floor of his room up IN the bed with him. I sooooo wish I was a fly on the wall while he was working away to accomplish this.
He just amazes me sometimes...the boy cracks me up!

Monday, October 5, 2009

6 months

Ok, so not quite, but we did get our yucky 6 month shots this morning. Our little Brock is totally on track and healthy. 75-95% for height and 75-95% for weight. At least we are now evening out...
He is "talking" up a storm. ALL kinds of sounds. He is almost able to sit up on his own. He pulls EVERYTHING into his mouth...including his feet! He smiles like a crazy man and laughs all the time. He gets so excited so easily and when he does his whole body is the cutest thing! We are so in love with and soaking up every moment we can of this little man. He is such a joy!

Sunday, October 4, 2009

berger time

This weekend Berger was in town for some work and was able to swing by the house Friday evening. It was fun to FINALLY get Jake to warm up around him a little and Brock was pretty much smiles the whole time. I just couldn't seem to catch Brock smiling while Berger was...oh well...still got some sweet shots.
Jake was a little weary at first...barely getting close and a little fussy...but he did come around and had a good time just in time for Berger to leave.
Oh well!
Thanks for swinging by, Berger!! It was fun!

Saturday, October 3, 2009


Today Jake has his first bloody trama experience. Joe and Jake were out throwing the ball in the yard for Dirk and Dirk, not caring what was in his way "took out" Jake. He not only creamed him, but also put a large hole in Jake's forehead with his tooth. OUCH!
Joe, was the only one home and with the help of our awesome nurse neighbor, got the massive bleeding to stop and to the doctor where Jake was glued back together. I have to admit, I am SO glad I was not home. When Joe called me to tell me OVER THE PHONE, my stomach was turning, and I could have thrown up. Me and blood don't really mix well!
But I am so proud of Joe for how he handled everything, and am so thankful that our little man is ok. To be honest after all the screaming to and at the Dr.'s office, he was as happy as a clam to be home. You NEVER would have thought that anything happened, except for the glue and big cut on his forehead.
Sadly enough, the cut looks yucky, but the Dr. did such a great job cleaning it up that it is not really worth a I thought I would just post Jake's bloody shirt. The only reason there is so little blood is because he was FLAILING in Joe's arms...I am thinking the rest of his blood is on our sidewalk outside!

Our little hero!

Friday, October 2, 2009

we have an eater!

So, I think since Jake does not like to eat we now have Brock, who I am thinking is going to eat us alive!! We have upgraded from just rice cereal to a little bit of veggies and fruits along with it, and boy do we like!
Don't you just want to squeeze this face??


Then I told Brock "give me your tough face" and this is what I got...

SERIOUSLY...could we be any more blessed??