Wednesday, December 16, 2009

crawling is our new means of transportation

Brock is officially crawling. We are going back and forth from that to scooting, but we are soooo close. He officially made his first crawling moves this week and I didn't even realize it until after he had already made it to me. He gets so excited when you clap and congratulate is so cute! I cannot believe that little man is 8 months old this month. He has two bottom teeth with what looks like a couple more coming in. He "talks" like crazy. He is on an almost regular eating schedule with Jake, holds his own bottle and has not quite given up the night time bottle (which I still love). He pulls up on everything, and loves to stand with you. He lunges at people when he wants to go to them now, and gives EVERYONE a sweet smile. He is constantly being a little brother to Jake...always wanting to do what he is doing or play with what he is playing with...I can totally relate :-).

Wednesday, December 9, 2009

Brock = 7.5 months

So, there really is no reason for this blog other than to show off some SWEET pics I took the other day of my littlest man!
We are so lucky!!

Sunday, December 6, 2009


So we had to have a little shin-dig for the Jakester over the weekend...although I am really disappointed in myself in doing a poopy job of putting something together. We made it a VERY small get together of just family, which ended up being my parents and Uncle G. It was a good time. Uncle Gary made Jake an awesome chocolate cake, and Jake and Brock were both able to have a good time taking naps. HAHA...seriously. Both have been a little under the weather lately, so the smaller party actaully worked to their advantage of getting in some good rest.
Jake did rack up in the Pixar department, some new cars, drawing supplies & some good clothes, books and growing water animals...remember those??
Thank you all of you who sent gifts. We so appreciate your generosity and making Jake's birthday so sweet!!
It is a hard time of the year to get people together, when there seems to be so much else going on, but it was also a great time that we got to have later on in the evening serving as a family at a under-privileged elementary school Christmas party. I cannot wait to get to use this time of the year to teach Jake and Brock, throughout the years, that it has nothing to do with the presents for his birthday or under the tree...but everything to do with giving and showing Christ through us.
Here are some pics from Jake's "party" and the Christmas Party later on that night.

Uncle G playing with Jake

Jake really got into the opening this year!

Grampa passed out, listening to Uncle Nick's game

Mimi and her birthday presents...HAPPY BIRTHDAY , MIMI!

Jake playing in the bouncer at the Christmas Party, he LOVED it!

Brock was crying to get he made it in as well!

We had a couple break-down's...and this picture was too classic not to post...

We have daddy and Jake:
and Jake and Brock (who was trying to eat it and broke it off the wall)

It was an awesome weekend to get to celebrate Jake's 2nd birthday. I could not be any more thankful!

Friday, December 4, 2009

snow day!

Just some fun pics from our crazy snow day...nothing stuck to the ground, where we were, but there were times when it started to come down really hard!

Wednesday, December 2, 2009

El Jake-o turns dos anos!

So this morning started off a little different for the Jake-ster...It included singing by his daddy, mommy and about a good way to wake up, right?

This was the cupcake we lit before we walked down the hall to his room...
daddy and Brock lighting the candle...
and the singing begins...
and a Brock tackle...
Blowing out his candle all by himself...
Such excitement...
Such an awesome wake-up call...
Our B.I.G. little man...
I cannot even believe that two years have flown by so quickly. I seriously could not be any more thankful than I am at this moment. How did we get to be so blessed to provide and care for two amazing little boys? I cannot wait to help grow them up into amazing men! Each year gets sweeter and sweeter. Every day is such a challenge, but one that I would not give up EVER!
I love his contagious laugh.
I love his sweet "please" (pronounced pees) and "thank you" (pronounced ku).
I love his amazing smile.
I love his sweet spirit.
I love the way he shares and loves.
I love his hugs.
I love his "love you" (pronounced la, with major accent with the tongue)
I love his super-power to not ever sleep in the car.
I love his ability to not nap and stay up late and still be the life of the party.
I love his high 5's and bumps.
I love how he cuddles with me on the couch.
I love when he dances, which includes spinning or tapping his foot.
I love his happy feet when he gets really excited.
I love wiping away his big ol' crocodile tears.
I love his other super-power of nothing is painful, he always gets right back up.

I could go on and on... What an incredibly special little boy we have been blessed with.