Tuesday, August 30, 2011

disaster?? Only time will tell...

Well, it's official...Jake and Brock are bunked in the same room. Joe and I moved the beds into the same room about 2 weeks ago...and boy are they lovin' it. They seemed to keep creeping into eachother's beds every night or falling asleep in the upstairs hallway floor, so we thought we would just give them a room they can "boy-out" all they want...well maybe someday. Right now it is a pretty stinkin' cool room. (Jake's old room at the end of the hall way) I need to take some more pics of the room...but here is some fun video of the crazy boys having too much fun before nap time one day, in our bed...these guys crack us up! We cannot wait to cram Holt in there with them soon...and believe me...he is ready for it too!!

Tuesday, August 23, 2011

working on a project

around here we really like to go off all by ourselves and "work on a project"
this takes a lot of effort and focus...so much that when I walk up and ask the boys what they are doing they get started and embarrassed...I love it!
It also happens around "30-o'clock"...Jake's favorite time phrase of the moment.

However...when asked to clean their "project" up...I do not dig this cleanup technique:

Tuesday, August 16, 2011


So there are plenty of Brock-isms that are happening these days. Just to name a few:
Birbay cake: for birthday cake (it is soooo cute to hear this one)
Drake: for Jake
He copies everything Jake says.
And he thinks he's Superman! NO LIE! Send over anything striped...this boy wants to wear his "superman pants" ALL THE TIME...no matter the temperature outside.


He likes to sing the Superman song...and run around the house in a shirt that I got both him and Jake with a detachable cape. It rocks...

And...how could I almost forget...we are 90% potty-trained...we still sleep in a diaper...but we are big boy pottying all up in here! PRAISE JESUS.
Now enjoy the pics and videos of Superman and his Side-kick, Jake.

Thursday, August 4, 2011


So it's been a little while...but that just means I have lots of them:

"You're driving me nervous" - supposed to be you driving me crazy
"up-side-over" - supposed to be upside down
"oh...that's beautiful" When we see something cool
"you're cwazy"
He LOVES making Holt Laugh...it is awesome
He loves to sing now...he even whips out my guitar (yes I have a guitar) and likes to strum and make up his own songs
He loves to tell me how he wants to teach people about Jesus...make my heart melt please!
And finally...he keeps talking about some baby sister...not sure what he is thinking about that one...but that will NEVER happen...sorry kid! :-)