Thursday, April 26, 2012

Brock's 3!

We have a 3 year old...and a potty trainer!  I guess all the talk about his big boy birthday means that he wanted to try out the potty....or the "toilet" as he likes to call it. (with major emphasis on the "L")
He is so fun and so cute.  We had an awesome superhero birthday party this past Sunday and quite a good turnout of his friends.  It was awesome.  Every little kiddo came in their superhero get-up.  Jake and Brock made up their own super "captain, iron, spider" and every other day they would add on another one that they liked that day.
So needless to say I didn't really need to get them a costume...we just made it all up from what we already had.  I had such huge expectations for the party...but time is not on my side.  I didn't even have have the time to get makeup on...sheesh.
Brock had a fabulous time and that is all that matters.

Let's see...what is happening in this little man's life:
Well...first off...LITERALLY on this third birthday he decided he wanted to poop poo and pee pee on the "toilet".  It is official....he ROCKED IT!  Needless to say Joe and I are PUMPED!
So we are on day two...and he is at we shall see.
He got the BIG Iron Man and some awesome superhero underwear at Target yesterday...yes, mom is proud!
He is still the fiercest and the sweetest little man.  He LOVES to throw down, and is going to be a force to be reckoned with someday, while at the same time is the sweetest mama's boy out of all of them right now.  He is attached to my hip.  If he has a choice would so much rather go with me, as Jake would rather tag along with dad.
He curls up in my lap all the time and LOVES to "sit next to me" (as he always asks me to do)

He has such a cute way of saying things...he LOVES to carry on conversations...and is JUST NOW getting to the point where we can actually understand MOST of what he is saying.
He copies almost EVERYTHING his big brother does.
We got him a new bike for his birthday and he is slowly but surely's cute...Jake is totally teaching him and loving it.

Tuesday, April 10, 2012

Happy Easter

This Easter was awesomely low key.
We got to do church at our home church, Joe and Jake painted eggs on Saturday while Brock and I got a mommy/Brock day with some shoots I had, and Holt took naps and got into everything at home. It was perfectly chill.
So we had mostly family time up until Sunday when we made our way down to Friendswood for the day.
The easter bunny came to Mimi and Papi's and hid the eggs so the boys had an egg hunt with cousin Clay, we ate lots of good food, caught up, cracked cascarones on eachother (Jake THREW them at people to get them to crack) and had our first of MANY more to come family soccer game. It was so fun...Brock and Jake REALLY got into it...I CANNOT wait until all three can get out there and run around with me and Joe...