Thursday, April 30, 2009

Happy Birthday??

It is Brock's one week birthday today. I cannot believe it has already been a week of this little man's life. We are soaking it all up and enjoying just about everything. (maybe not the feeding in the middle of the night that he cannot seem to fall asleep after...arggg)
But things are going so well. I cannot even begin to tell you how thankful I am.
Jake LOVES his baby brother. He cannot get enough of him when they are in the room together. I have to keep my eyes on him all the time because he is always wanting to pick him up or pull of his blanket or touch him in some way (we are working on "gentle").
But I just adore how well he has taken to him. There has been no hint of jealousy from him, so that has been a huge relief. He loves to kiss and hold his baby Brock. It is so stinking cute to see. I have these pictures, but I need to work on getting a better ones.

Brock is doing so well too. Adjusting to life with a NUTS-O toddler, 2 energetic dogs and 2 crazy parents. He is filling out in the face and really looking like Jake with dark hair. It is so funny. We have had to go to the dr. almost every day this week to get our bloodwork done, because of the jaundice, but as of today his levels are going down....hallelujah...if I had to hold him while he got pricked one more time I was going to be so sad and probably ask them to do it to me instead...I wish... He is feeding really well and sleeping as good as we can hope for at night. We have seen quite a few smiles already, who knows what they are really for, but I will take it...he has just as beautiful of a smile as his big brother! If we can just get this dang ambilical cord to fall off so that he stops peeing through the top of his diaper, we will be doing good. I swear, I am going to have to do wash every day if this keeps up.

Joe and I are so happy. We both cannot even believe we are the parents of two amazing boys. What a blessing! I am already feeling very well recovered and up to daily walks with the family. Joe has been my saving grace. He has been able to help out so much with Jake, so that I can mostly concentrate on Brock while still getting an awesome fill of The Jakester throughout the day, but not getting too worn down. I am so much less stressed this time around, thank God! I do not know what I would do right now if I did not have Joe's help and encouragement. My mom was able to stay for the past week (which was amazing) and Sandy comes in tomorrow through Wednesday (so I am very thankful). Extra hands are such a blessing. Famliy ROCKS!

Other than that...we are making it! Thank you to all of our incredible friends and family with all of the great praise, support, gifts and love that you have thrown our way. We are so blessed, and I am so thankful. There are no words AT ALL to describe how awesome you make our lives.

I will try and update as much as I can...LOTS more pictures are to come...I want to be as good about documenting Brock's 1st year as I was for Jake. So, hold me accountable!! Harrass as much as you want for updates, if I am not holding up my end of the bargain! Thanks y'all! -Kel

Friday, April 24, 2009

Brock David Hornberger!

Well, as you may have guessed, this sure the heck isn't Kelly. And while I pride myself on my nerd-dom, I have no clue about this whole blogging thing. But, being that Kelly currently is dealing with all of those fun post-pregnancy issues here at the hospital, I figured I'd let everyone (who doesn't know already!) in on the arrival of our brand new baby BOY!

Kelly had a doctor's appointment wednesday during which her doctor scheduled her to be induced the next day, a day before her due date. So after a wednesday night of Rice FCA and a busy Thursday morning, I drove my beautiful bride to the hospital to meet our new baby. Of course, we had no idea what it was, boy or girl, so we were pretty excited to see who would win that bet.

We checked in around 10am and at 3:49pm on Thrusday, April 23, out came Brock David Hornberger! And what a whirlwind 24 hours it has been!! Lots of family and a few friends have already come by to see the little man and today he gets to meet his BIG BROTHER! Should be a wonderful day!

Thanks everyone for all of the prayers and well-wishes! God is good and has blessed us with a wonderfully healthy baby boy! He can't wait to meet y'all!

Tuesday, April 21, 2009

Big Brother??

So, we are just patiently awaiting this little guys arrival...ok, so maybe I am not being so patient, but Joe is helping me get through it all. I am totally being taught something here...and trying my best to go with the flow!
But, since we have been waiting for a little while Joe and I went to get Jake a Big Brother gift. We decided on a stuffed animal, since really, anything we give him he ends up getting bored of and not playing with, so at least he will have this to put on a shelf or something like that...

There are, however, not too many places to get a good looking bear these days. So, we made a trip to the one place I thought I would never go into (well maybe that and Libby Lu) The Build A Bear Store. Jake was able to pick out his bear, pick out it's heart, stand on the motor that stuffs the bear, give it a bath, name him and get his dressed. It is quite a big deal...we even have the birth certificate to prove it!

I think Joe and I had more fun with it all...but least we have something to give him once this little guy arrives in the world...if he/she EVER decides to grace us with his/her presence. Nothing like waiting to make a grand entrance, right?? - Kel

PS. I hear there are some of you having trouble viewing the pictures when I upload them as larger on this blog. Be sure that you have the latest version of Internet Explorer, or else click on the tab above right for Mozilla Firefox, it is one of the best browsers out there anyway, and you should not have any trouble viewing!

Monday, April 13, 2009

easter festivities

This past weekend was a great Easter. Joe and I were able to spend some good time at the house actually getting some stuff done and enjoy eachother's company. It was nice...we honestly don't remember a weekend that we were both home and able to get work done on our home. The lawn is finally mowed, the house is really cleaned and our family was able to get some good quality time together. WOW!
Then on Sunday we headed down to Friendswood to spend some time with Mimi and Gramps. Jake got to have his first Easter egg hunt...and actually understand what he was doing. He would find the egg...get excited...and run to Joe or Mimi to open it for him. I think Joe was just as excited as Jake...more candy...each time he found an egg, these boys like their sweets!

He got some good grandpa time in the car. (we are now totally obsessed with playing in the car and HATE our car seat, Jake needs to drive) Mimi was trying to bribe him to come play with her, with a peep...ewwww...Jake, of course, said no way!

We also had to entertain ourselves with water, and right now all we can offer is the, Jake spent about an hour chasing everyone with the hose, making puddles in the backyard and getting some good naked time...

And then I finally decided I wanted Joe to take a picture of how I was looking, now that we are in the final you go, all you who have been asking. We are HUGE and about to pop...hopefully!

Fun stuff. I cannot believe that next year we might have 2 running around playing with the hose and such. Joe and I are so excited to open our "present". We will keep you all updated! - Kel

Thursday, April 9, 2009

texas spring

It is pretty much tradition around here to take the time to get some pictures of the Bluebonnets and this year was no exception for me. I was so excited to get to take Jake's babysitter, Claire, senior pictures out on her family property just outside of Chappell Hill, TX. (about an hour outside of Houston) Jake was able to tag along with me to the shoot and hang out with Claire's mom and boyfriend, and boy did he have fun. A golf cart, a lawnmower, a tractor and a bunch of the crazy blue flowers everywhere. He was FILTHY by the end of the afternoon.
Seriously...I don't think I have ever seen that many bluebonnets in one spot before. JUST BEAUTIFUL! Not only on their property, but also on the entire drive out to Chappell Hill. I LOVE Chappell Hill. I think if I could pick a spot to own property out in the Texas country, this is where it would be. Joe has always dreamt about property outside of "the city" and I always changed the subject...ya, right...I need my "stuff to do". But after falling in love with this part of Texas, I could definitely say I could own property and live out here some day. Who knows what the future might bring!
Anyway...I just wanted to post some pics of my cutie in the flowers. Of course every mom knows their kid ROCKS, but I just cannot get over this little boy. He seriously ROCKS my WORLD! I am so thankful for his little life in my life! -Kel

This last one cracks me up. Everyone has always said "he is a mini Joe, with little pieces of you" and in this picture I can totally see it. Isn't this his daddy's expression?? He is looking more and more like Joe every day...but I am thankful...Joe is a cutie, why wouldn't I want my son to look like him?!?

Tuesday, April 7, 2009

all our bags are packed

No, not really.
Eventhough we both knew the chances of the baby coming early this time were higher, we still have had our mind's set on the idea that we have about 2.5 more weeks. Well, after my Dr. appointment this morning, we have had to alter our thinking. It seems that within the past week I have gone from nothing to 2-3cm dilated and 80% effaced.
I'm sorry...did I hear the dr. right?? HOLY CRAP!
So, needless to say this has jolted Joe into "hyperdrive" mode and we are wrapping up all little odds and ends that still need to be taken care of.
We still have no idea when this baby might come, but the thought of my dr. saying "anyday now" makes me want to poop my pants.

I even told Joe, yesterday, that I might have just attended my last spin class for now, because I was getting some lower belly pains, where I knew I was over-exhorting myself. Kind of funny, maybe I have been going too hard on that bike this past week...hahaha.
Over all this pregnancy has been much easier. I have exercised throughout, and it has helped me SOOOO much more. I have also kept very busy with my work and the pounds have not been added this time around...I am quite proud of myself! Should make for an easier delivery!

Now all my prayers are focusing on getting through this weekend. With a couple of the busiest weeks of work I have had in a while I want to get all my shoots in before Reese or Brock arrives...
here's to hoping!
Now we'll be able to keep you all in the loop even at the hospital through this blog. Please keep us in your prayers. All of you who have called and I have been HORRIBLE about calling back, please know that I appreciate it so much! We are so thankful for all you! - Kel

Sunday, April 5, 2009

a new address.

Because of issues with our .mac website that we have had for a while we are going to be shifting our website to this location. Not only will life be a lot easier to blog on here, but we can also cancel our .mac account all together now, which was the only reason I kept the MAC website going. So, I am a little sad, but this way I can update the blog from anywhere and no longer have to wait 20 minutes for my blog to publish.
Make sure you change our website to this address and keep checking us out here regularly!!
Now you will be able to post comments again!
Love you all!
The Houston Hornberger's