Monday, December 17, 2012

5. It's kind of a BIG deal.

 So one of the things Joe and I thought about and decided to implement with our boys a couple years ago was to make certain birthday's in their lives a pretty big stinking deal.  We got the idea from our friend who did the same with their boys growing up in the mission field of Costa Rica.  
So the first birthday we wanted to make a big deal was 5.  
Seems like a good #, doesn't it?
So Joe and I thought it would be cool if we could hold out to make 5 a day when these boys get to fly on an airplane for the very first time.
AND...they get to go ALONE with BOTH Mom & Dad. 
So, Jake turned 5...and we made the big flight happen on our way back from San Antonio after Thanksgiving.  Our rockstar Auntie drove our other two boys back from SA and we met them for dinner upon our return. 

It was sooo awesome for both me and Joe to get to spend so much alone time with Jake.  It's something we really never get to do.  
We boarded the plane, the captain asked Jake to come into the cock-pit...but Jake freaked out and didn't want to go.
Jake sat by the window and was so anxious, nervous and excited for the plane to take off.  (thank the Lord there were no delays)
Then once we took off, and got pretty far up in the air Jake turns to us and says "why are we going to slow??"
Turns out it looks pretty slow being so high up in the air...something we forget about having done it so much.
Then he colored, got some snacks, got to talk me and Joe's ears off.
The landing went well...the ear popping was a little freaky for Jake, but we gave him some gum and helped him understand to swallow...the landing was awesome...he loved the stop...

Afterwards, in typical "Martinek" style he acted like it was no big deal doing what he just did. 
Mimi & Papi picked us up.
We drove to meet Auntie and our brother's for dinner.
As we were riding to dinner in the backseat I turned to Jake and said
"Jake...what you just did is a REALLY big deal.  ONLY 5 year old big boys get to ride in planes in our are officially now a big boy"
He looked at me....puffed up his chest...smiled and said "I know mom"

It was a great day!!  Jake officially feels 5 now.

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